Monday, December 10, 2007

Pajama Day

Justin has been talking about being able to wear pajamas to school for a week now. The kids get to wear pajamas and they're going to watch The Polar Express. We get to the bus stop and he's the only one in pajamas. I just knew I would have to make the trek to the school. LOL

I get home and call the school and sure enough, no pajamas today. It's NEXT Monday. LOL So we took Jimmy to work, went to the school and ran some errands. We were all ready for our nap today. LOL

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Ami said...

I get a kick out of pajama days at our school. (the one I work in, not the one we live in). The kids are so funny and cute. You can tell they are quite careful about which pajamas they choose, some of the girls even coordinate their hair ribbons.

The 21st is pajama day for our school. I'll be wearing regular clothes, since my pajamas consist of a tshirt and a pair of underwear.