Sunday, December 16, 2007

Celebrating Christmas early

Well not too early. LOL

Jimmy will be off Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. (Well he's supposed to be off Monday.) Because of the way we alternate the Saturdays and Sundays I work, I'll be off on Sunday. The store closes at 6pm on Monday and closed Tuesday. Well since I don't work during the week until after 6, I won't be working on Monday either. So I'll have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off! Our plan is to celebrate most of Christmas either Sunday or Monday so Jimmy and enjoy watching the kids play with their new items before he goes back to work. (I think so he can play too. LOL)

I had full intentions of taking my exam tonight, but by the time I got home from work and finished dinner it was late. I feel like I'm disapppointing my "boss" because I haven't finished this course yet. But I'm going to use Monday and Tuesday to study hard. I have to work both evenings, so I'll take my exam Wednesday night, come hell or high water! Have I mentioned that I hate tests? I always feel such pressure to do good so I don't disappoint anyone.

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