Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's about time!

I finally got a call today concerning Korinne's cheerleading. (I signed her up for cheerleading through the city parks. Justin signed up for basketball and has already had 3 practices.) Her practices are Thursday nights from 5:30-7:00 and Saturdays from 12:00-1:00. Not really a big deal. I can just tell whoever does the scheduling at work that I can't work those times. I can't wait to take pictures of them in their uniforms. (They get to keep them, btw.)

However, this Thursday, Jay has a band concert at school at 7. He's planning on staying after school to practice and help set up, so we'll just meet him at the concert. That actually helps because then I can take Korinne to practice for at least an hour, swing home and pick the rest of the brood up before heading to the concert. I'll make sure the camcorder is charged that day.

Now Justin has never played basketball before, but he's doing wonderful. He made quite a few shots tonight at practice. He's getting good at bloacking also. The games will start after the first of the year.

Me and my online course. I didn't realize until this weekend, that there are individual little quizzes on each chapter. I'd read through 9/12 chapters before I realized that. And these are not short chapters. I printed out one tonight to read during Justin's practice and it was 55 fricken pages long! So now I've actually completed reading and the quizzes on 7/12 chapters. I did two today. In between laundry and the kids. Jimmy said he'll do more so I can get these done by this weekend. That would be so nice. I can't wait to get this stress out of the way. After I finish the chapters and subsequent quizzes, I have to take an exam simulation.

I'll probably print out all the chapters so that when I go for the state exam, I have a study guide.

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