Monday, December 03, 2007

2 Down, 2 to go...

Well I now have two on antibiotics. I called the ped's office as soon as they opened at 8am. His appointment was made for 9:10. We left home at 8am to take Jimmy to work. We left his work and made our way to the interstate. Traffic was at a stand still. So I got right back off and decided to take the scenic route. Figured I had an hour, no problem. Not so! Traffic was bad all over. What normally takes me about 30 minutes took me 65 minutes.

Because of Jackson's medical history, his doctor was concerned. They pricked his finger to check his white blood count. Thankfully, it came back normal or I would have had to take him for a chest xray. So now both he and Korinne are on antibiotics. I'm waiting for the boys, fervently hoping they don't catch whatever is going around. My voice sounds a little better today and I haven't been coughing too bad.

I still have so much pressure on me, but I know that I just have to plow through or give something up. What's funny is I signed Justin up for basketball this season and Korinne for cheerleading. Justin had his 2nd practice tonight, yet I haven't heard anything for Korinne. I called today and was told they were still trying to find cheerleading coaches. Of course, then I was quite disappointed that I have a part time job because I'd love to coach Korinne's team. I just don't see where I can make time with my part time job, online course, and trying to keep the apartment clean. (Oh and just once I'd love to come home from work and find the apartment at least as neat as it was when I left. But that's another rant.)

After talking to Jimmy, it seems there is a way I can coach Korinne's cheerleading team. I know she'd have practice once a week. So that's another day during the week I'd not be able to work at the store. So if I'm already taking that evening off, why not be coaching? It's not like I'll have to come up with the cheers, right? LOL I'll call tomorrow and check it out.

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lilmama (Peggy) said...

Things will get better. And one day things will really be better. You just have to believe that, it's hard I know. I think theres no relief for me but I can only hope. I love you