Sunday, June 29, 2008

Here in Tennessee

So here we are in Tennessee. We got here last Tuesday. Jimmy starts his new job tomorrow. His boss in Charleston gave him a number to call for a job. The number belongs to a guy that owns 6 or 7 bodyshops around the area. Apparently, Jimmy's boss in Charleston gave such a high review that the main guy was all ready to hire Jimmy. He talked to the VP, then the manager at the bodyshop. He went in Thursday and talked to the manager and was hired on the spot. However, he'll have a commute, which we knew would happen with us being out in the middle of no where. LOL

For now, Korinne, Jackson and I are sleeping in the spare bedroom at my in-laws. Jimmy, Jay and Justin are sleeping in the camper outside my in-law's. We're looking for a home to rent. We don't want to rush into an apartment we'll be unhappy in. And his Dad doesn't want us to rush into anything. The town we're in is full of Jimmy's relatives. So they're all looking for a home for us. What's really weird for me is that these people that have never met me are so accepting and loving towards me. And the kids. Like they've known me all my life. It's surreal to me not having my own relatives accept me. LOL

I can honestly say, I feel at home here. Oh I admit, I was freaking out the first couple of days being out of a city and near no one I know. But then I realized, I love not having neighbors so close. I want to be here. I do miss having Jimmy in bed with me at night. I can't wait til we have our own home and we can sleep together again. LOL


imabug said...

glad to hear you guys landed safely and with all four wheels spinning it sounds like. Good luck with the house hunting! sounds like you've already got an instant support network going on already :)

Ami said...

Glad to see you online again.

Moving cross country sucks because you have to make a whole new life. But at least in my experience, the whole new life is usually pretty good if you bring the people and things you love with you.

Keep me posted.