Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Been awhile, huh?

So here I am in Tennessee. Trying to settle in. I finally have my internet up and running. It'll be nice being able to chat or whatever and not be on dial up. LOL Since I've moved, I missed the birth of my niece. My sister finally had a little girl to go with her brood of boys. Morgan Kay was born on August 9th. And she's absolutely beautiful!

The kids started school in August. Jay is in 7th now and joined the band again. Justin is in 3rd and loving it. Korinne started kindergarten. Her class is right down the hall from Justin's. The school is so small it's only one hallway, with the cafeteria and music room leading from it. Jackson turned 3. He's still a tiny little thing. But doing so well. He did so well in speech therapy in Charleston that the speech pathologist at the school determined he doesn't need extra therapy.

We found us a charming 5 bedroom house for $500 a month. It has some problems. But nothing major. And the fact that my kids all have their own rooms (thank you Lord!) makes up for them. LOL We live on a quiet picturesque street. I love watching the leaves fall from all the trees. We have a HUGE back yard. Though whoever lived here years ago, planted a row of trees or bushes that block off the yard in a weird way. So I don't let the kids play in the back very much because I can't see them out of the window.

The cool thing is, I've hooked up with a friend I went to high school with in Oregon. He and his wife live in Summertown, which is where my in-laws live. Small world huh? LOL


Ami said...

YAY!! You're back online! Woohooooo!

Email me so I know your email address, willya?


sonia said...

WOW....sounds likeyou guys got a great deal on a rental! I love that part of TN you guys are in. IT's totally picturesque. You should get out and see Amish country if you haven't already.