Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Goodness it's COLD!!!!!!!

It is fricken COLD here! My weatherbug says it's 44 degrees here. WTH??!! In Charleston, we're still in shorts on Halloween! I'm so not looking forward to Halloween if it's gonna be this cold! We haven't had the gas turned on yet, so we have no heat. My kids are all curled up in their beds with ALL of their many blankets over them. Jimmy and I have our quilt and comforter on our bed. MOM, send me some long johns!!!!!!!!! I doubt I will leave the house much if/when it snows. I do NOT do cold weather very well. I could barely tolerate the "cold" in Charleston. How the hell am I going to deal with cold here? How funny are my kids gonna look with layers under their costumes here in Tennessee? LOL


Ami said...

Aww ya big weenie.

Go get some long underwear and a coat for goodness sake.

Add some gloves and a hat.

If it's getting cold where you are, that must mean you get lots of fall colors, yes?
That's called looking on the bright side.

I sometimes sit here in the morning while waiting for the room to warm up with fingerless gloves on so I can type and a jacket with a hood under my bathrobe.


sonia said...

don't worry.....the weather this time of the year can be 55, or 85. The past few halloweens it's been quite warm.