Monday, October 27, 2008

Report Card Time

That's right. It's already been 9 weeks. WOW!

The kids were out of school today for parent-teacher conferences. We started with Korinne's teacher. She went on and on about what a wonderful child Korinne is. How she's pleased with how much Korinne wants to learn. She said Korinne was a very happy-go-lucky child and was always excited whenever the class was starting something new. She had all Ss, kindergarten's equivalent to As. I'm very proud of her!

Next was Justin's teacher. She went on and on about how smart Justin is. He's a very well mannered child. She even said he's a testament to my mothering. He made ALL As!!! ALL! I'm so proud of him. The envelope for his report card is also a coupon of some sorts for Wendy's. If the kids get all As, they take their report card and the envelope to Wendy's and they get a free burger, fries and drinks.

Lastly, was Jay. He made 1 A and 4 Bs. Still good grades, but his teachers were disappointed because they feel he can do so much better. He has the potential to make all As. His biggest problem was he isn't turning in his work on time or at all. They all enjoy having him in their classes though. So we're going to work on him turning in his homework.

I'm so proud of them all.

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Ami said...

Jay sounds like my hubby. Who turned out to be a fine person and good hubby/father, despite never bothering with homework.


It sounds like they're all thriving.
And yep. You're a good mom.