Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I HATE neighbors!!!!

I'm completely convinced that having neighbors in this small town we moved to is WORSE than having neighbors in the bigger city of Charleston. Y'all have seen me complain about psycho neighbors. They actually called the police on the neighbors two doors (to the right)down because he cut their backyard! If someone cut our backyard, I'd be thanking them, not calling the damn police!

Well now to the immediate right of me is this small one bedroom "shack" where at any given time are 6-8 people staying. All young wanna be thugs that play their car stereos LOUD. Now Dh and I like our music loud, but not that loud. We remember being young and not having kids. But we respected our neighbors. The other night at around 11:30 they were out there with the stereo loud enough that every single window in our house was rattling. Dh went out and said "I have kids sleeping in here, would you mind toning it down a notch? Thanks."

Now we're having issues with them. I'm actually getting to the point of taking a page out of psycho's book and calling the cops when they're loud at night. And the thug wanna bes are NOT friendly. I see the way they watch my children as they go to the neighbors 2 doors down (to the left) to play. I'm like a Mama Bear. They better not say anything to my children.


Ami said...

You live in the South where you can shoot them. The 'he needed killin' defense is valid there, yes?

I'm so sorry. Seriously. I have had some shitty neighbors and it just about drove me bugshit. I felt so trapped and angry all the time.
((Hugs to you)))

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

LOL If the 'he needed killin' defense really worked, I'd be a killin machine. LOL We're earnestly looking for somewhere else to live.