Thursday, July 09, 2009

Another surgery and whatnots

Jackson had an appointment with the new ped neurosurgeon on Monday. I was a little put off by the whole visit. In Charleston, every time we went, they weighed him, took his temp and blood pressure. Not so here. They asked for the discs we brought from SC and that was all. They did measure his head. The doctor came in, barely listened to his medical history. He felt around Jackson's head and said Jackson will need surgery to close the openings that were made in his skull. He suggested the surgery be done before Jackson starts school. Ok his doctor in Charleston did tell us the surgery may be neccessary, so that wasn't too much of a surprise. This new doctor kept saying Jackson's head is defective. WTH?! Defective? IF his head is defective it's because of the previous surgery he had where too much of his skull was taken out. What kind of doctor tells a parent her child's head is defective? Couldn't he have phrased it another way? Like I said, I was a little put off by him. But he's the only ped neurosurgeon and Vanderbilt is like MUSC.

Anyway, in December, we'll have Jackson's pediatrician do a referral with the plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon's office handles everything else. They'll get the CT scan done and schedule the surgery. Because they're booked 3-6 months, aside from emergencies, Jimmy and I decided to start things in December so the surgery can be done in June. That way Jackson will have plenty of time to heal before school starts in August. I'll keep y'all posted, of course.

Now for the whatnot...on the way to the appointment which was an hour and 30 minutes away, Jackson got sick. We thought it was his sinuses because we all get sick from sinuses. Jimmy pulled over as quick as possible. Unfortunately it was on the left of the road. I'd brought a wet washcloth to clean his face so I was able to clean him up. As I was getting ready to get back in the car, a cop pulled up behind us. Jimmy explained to him we had a toddler with sinus problems and he'd gotten sick as we were on our way to Vanderbilt. The officer asked if we needed an ambulance. He was very nice and went on his way.

Later that afternoon, I was on my bed, grooming my toes. LOL Jackson came in, laid on the floor and said his tummy was upset. Next thing I know he's vomiting. I jumped up, grabbed him and said "Oh shit!" as I ran him to the bathroom. The foot I'd been grooming at the time was bare so I slipped in his mess as we reached the bathroom. My right foot went one way, my left another. My left foot hit the AC vent and sliced open. I didn't know at the time because I was too worried I would drop Jackson or knock his head into something. I laugh about it now cause I can see the whole thing in my head. LOL Thankfully, Jimmy and my sister do NOT have weak stomachs so they cleaned everything up while I cleaned Jackson. He was fine after that, thankfully. So that's my whatnot. LOL He's fine now. Back to his usual cuteness self. LOL

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Ami said...

Some doctors are assholes. They're assholes because they get away with it.

You're well within your rights to either say to him in person, "What kind of person tells a parent her child's head is defective?" or to write him a letter. Since you're already done with the appointment, I suggest a letter. And don't be shy about telling him what he should change in his manner to not be so overbearing and assholish.

You can do all that using a professional tone, but it needs to be said.