Thursday, May 10, 2007

5 Places I want to visit.

So there's been a challenge issued from Sonia. Here are my 5 places I want to visit.
  1. absolute dream vacation, sitting in a pub listening to the people talk.
  2. New York....not so much for the major sites, but to meet a bunch of my online friends.
  3. Tennessee...we want to move there, so we really need to visit to check out the job situation for Jimmy.
  4. Hawaii....would love to meet Dog the Bounty Hunter and his hottie sons! LOL
  5. see my Dad.

So there are my 5 places I want to visit. Next?

1 comment:

sonia said...

Come on down to Tn! It's really a great place to live. No state income tax, and good cost of living.