Monday, May 14, 2007

Looooooooong Day tomorrow!

I took Korinne to my sister's to spend the night tonight. I miss her terribly! But I would rather her be at my sister's and able to play than stuck with me tomorrow. Why you ask?

Because tomorrow, Jackson and I will be spending the day at MUSC. We have to be there at 7:50am for CT scans. A scan for his skull. A scan for his frontal lobes. The scan for his skull is to make sure all is well with the skull growing back. The scan for his frontal lobes is to see if there's anything blocking his drums. He's failed his hearing tests and no doctor has ever been able to see his ear drums. He passes the tests when they transmit the sound directly to them. But he fails the tests where he's supposed to turn his head towards the sounds. I personally think he can hear just fine because he hears me when I'm behind him and whispering. I think he's just tired of being poked and prodded and doesn't want to "play" the sound game. LOL

Anyway, he then has an appointment at 10:30 with the ENT to go over the results from that scan. No telling how long that will take. Then, he has an appointment with the pediatric neurosurgeon at 2:00. Yeah I live 15 minutes away, but I just don't want to be driving back and forth. So I've planned on spending the day downtown. Knowing this, I pawned Korinne off on my sister so she wouldn't be miserable.

I'm going to be exhausted I'm sure. As soon as we leave his last appointment, I have to drive to Moncks Corner to pick up my girl. Cause I've only been away from her for 4 hours and I miss her like crazy! LOL

Anyway, wish me luck that I still have a shred of sanity left after my day is done. LOL

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Ami said...

Update me when you can. Thinking good thoughts for the little guy... and mom, too. Long day for you both.