Thursday, May 31, 2007


Picture me watching sappy movies without ever shedding a tear or even getting misty-eyed. Those that know me now cannot possibly imagine this. But it was true. Enter newborn Jay and my emotions changed forever. So much so that I can get all teary-eyed at a damn kleenex commercial!

When Jay went to school for the first time for pre-k, I was pregnant with Justin. Of course, I cried uncontrollably after I watched him get on that big yellow bus. When Jay had his Kindergarten "graduation," I was pregnant with Korinne. Again with the emotional crying.

Of course, I cried with the birth of each of my children. I cried uncontrollably for weeks after the loss of my girls. Then when I learned of Jackson's medical problems while still pregnant with him, I cried. When he was born and taken away before I could even hold him, I cried. When he had surgery at 2 weeks, I cried. When I was finally able to hold him at 3 weeks, I cried. When I learned his soft spots closed too early and would need surgery, I cried. When he finally came home a week before he turned 2 months, I cried. When he had surgery on his skull, I cried. All of this is understandable.

Right now, I'm quite emotional. For one, Aunt Flo came today. But mostly, Justin has his kindaergarten "graduation" tomorrow. I went out today and bought him a nice suit (at Ross for $5.99) to wear tomorrow. After his bath, I had him try it on to make sure it fit and got all teary eyed! I can't believe he's going into 1st grade! I'm all teary eyed now. Wait until I post tomorrow after his ceremony. LOL

Then Jay has his ceremony on Tuesday. He'll be going into middle school! A few days after that, my in-laws will be here and will be taking Jay and maybe Korinne back to TN with them for a month. Justin was going to go at first, but I knew he'd change his mind. He's never been one to want to be away from Jimmy and me. So Korinne is all excited about having the chance to go.

I don't like my kids spending one night away from me. I'm going to be a wreck the month they're gone. Ok not really, but it will be difficult.

Ok excuse me while I go have a quick cry. LOL


Ami said...

:::passing kleenex:::

sonia said...

girl...I can relate. My oldest just had her 8th grade graduation..and not only did I cry...I sobbed UNCONTROLLABLY!! OMG, I so embarassed myself...but I could not stop the tears, or the sobbing. Those damn videos with the sappy songs kill me!