Friday, September 28, 2007

Being bullied!

I've reached the conclusion that someone in the office does not want us living here anymore. We've been here almost 3 years. The only problems we had for a while was the neighbor boy upstairs that's now in rehab.

Then I called the office to complain about kids starting a fire at the playground. This was just after 4th of July. One of the kids was the grandson of one of the women that work in the office.

Then we started getting notices on our door. For stupid stuff. Jackson left a riding toy on our porch and we get a notice saying we're in fire code violation because we're blocking the breezeway. Jay and I walked around with my digicam and took pics of other porches. Porches that were completely blocked by bicycles and/or grills. (When we first moved here, we had the boys' bikes chained outside. We were told it was not allowed to have them outside. So we've kept them in my bedroom since.) Jay and I took about 12-15 pics. I burned them to disc and attached it to a not I scrawled on the back of my fire code violation notice.

Then we get notices that our apartment is going to be inspected for preventative maintenance. Ok used to that, they've been doing that since we first moved here. A maintenance guy comes in, checks the fire extinguisher, smoke detector and hot water heater.

Then I got a notice recently about music/noise violation. I called the office as instructed and was told that it was a general complaint for our building so the four of us got one. I told them who it was. I also got a notice saying there was going to be an inspection on general maintenance. They came in, took notes and left.

Today while I was at the bank I got two notices. One saying that according to section X in our lease we're responsible for the "sole expense keep an maintain the leased premises and appurtenance in good and sanitary condition and repair during the term of the Lease, ordinary wear and tear accepted." Then goes on to tell me it is necessary at this time for me to clean and sanitize said premises. Deep clean entire apartment. Clean all toilets, tubs, tub walls, sinks and floors in bathrooms. (That's always done.) Entire carpetting must be vacuumed. (They must not know I'm obsessed with vacuuming.) Remove all food particles, trash, etc from all areas of apartment. (Trash is always taken out. Food always put away or disposed of.) Clean out cabinets and drawers in kitchen and thoroughly clean countertops, appliances and floors. (I do that several times a day as I'm cleaning.) AND....we're to be inspected on Wednesday October 3 for compliance of said letter. WTF?

Attached to that notice is a notice saying their office has been notified of loud music or noise coming from our apartment that's disturbing our neighbors. Again, WTF? I haven't played music in at least a month! It was 5:03 when I read the notices. I immediately grabbed the phone to call the office, but apparently the switch them to voice mail at 5.

SO I left a message saying, "This is Kaytee P----- in B29. I just recieved a notice about loud music complaints. I don't know who's calling to complain but I haven't played any music in three weeks. If you want to send a notice about loud music send it to my neighors upstairs in B30." I was not very nice in tone. I left my number. But I will be calling back first thing Monday morning.

Our lease is up for renewal the end of November. As far as I'm concerned, they can take that renewal and shove it up their asses. We are looking for somewhere else to move to. This place has gone downhill that past year and a half. Nothing but illegals piling into 1,2, or 3 bedroom apartments. Hell the people upstairs from us have 7 adults and one child in a 3 bedroom. Where the hell do they sleep?

Anyway, Jimmy said he doesn't want me to go all crazy making sure it's completely spotless. Wants me to clean it like I do every day. He said, "We have four children in a small 3 bedroom apartment. What do they expect?" He doesn't care what they think. He's just as sick of living here as I am.

Apparently we've pissed someone off and they want us to leave. Well Bon Voyage. Come November 30th, we're gone. I'm tempted to have the camera set up and have all 6 of us moon them. LOL


Margo said...

Sorry for all the trouble you've had! I don't blame you for wanting to move. Staying in the area?

Saphyre Rose said...

What the hell do they want? Do they want people living their lives in the apartment or do they want Martha Stewart wanna bes?
I am sorry, we feel the same way ourselves. We live with Kiawah employees that come in from Jamaica every year.
The come in March and do not leave until November. They are loud, rude and they litter all over the complex. If they do not like what is in their mail, they throw it on the ground. 4AM above us every morning is music to kill by. If I hear Jimmy Clift come through the walls again I am going to scream!
Our lease comes up in December. We live in WA at the Villages Apartments, Believe me, you do not want to live here.
The bug people come in every month but with the pump sprayer they bring in a small vid camera. Are those people videotaping bugs in their natural habitat? Or are they looking for reasons to give you a fine?

Have you tried looking at Castlewood Apartments? They are townhomes. We are thinking about them, they are further into the country down rt 61, but at least they look clean. The rent is lower than here as well. The rent for this humble 2 bedroom apartment is going up 40 more dollars next month, we will be paying close to $800 for the privilege of picking other people's garbage out of my plants. A new fun thing they do, eat chicken and throw the bones over the balcony onto my patio which is clean and decorated with plants, wind chimes and flower baskets. Every time we hear the chime sound out we know another bone has hit the porch!
Why can't these people live at Kiawah? They would be closer to their work and Kiawah wouldn't have to pay for these huge buses that come and go in the parking lots to pick them up and drop them off for work. Grrrr.
Sorry for the vent there.

You are doing good documenting all of your words against the office. That way when they go to keep all of your deposit you can ask them where is their proof that you did all the things they have accused you of.

I wish you the best of luck.

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

Rose, they definitely don't want Martha Stewart wannabes when they lease apartments to illegals that have more people than should be allowed in one apartment. I think our problem is I called the police on some kids just after 4th of July because they were starting fires at the playground and in the laundry center. One of the kids is a grandson to a woman that works in the office.
I think I also pissed her off when the same grandson through a football towards Jackson. Had I not lifted my leg to block he would have been hit with the football. Jackson has part of his skull missing, if he gets hit in the head, we have to have a CT scan done. When I brought this up to the grandmother, I made it clear that if Jackson HAD been hit and I had to have a CT scan done, the boy's mother would be responsible for the hospital bill.
She didn't like that comment.
Doesn't matter, we're doing all we can to leave when our lease expires the end of November.
We don't mind living in the country. We were all set to buy a house until "they" changed the financial rules. We were preapproved for 100% financing until the rules changed. Now we can't even think of buying.
So at this point we're looking anywhere in the Lowcountry except N. Charleston. We need at least a 3 bedroom with 2 baths. A 4 bedroom would be nice with our 4 kids. But we won't hold out breaths. LOL

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

Margo, we're not sure where we're going. At this point we're staying in the area. But I'm fine with all of us packing up and moving elsewhere.