Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fishing with the kids

We decided to take the older three fishing today. After finally securing a sitter for Jackson, we cooked lunch. On the weekends, we usually have one big meal then snack on smaller items at other mealtimes. Today we had fried chicken, homemade mac and cheeses, mashed taters with gravy, lima beans and dinner rolls. It was delish! And....I was finally able to cook fried chicken without burning myself. LOL

After we ate, we dropped Jackson off at my Aunt's house and headed for the Hatchery. We were dismayed by the state of the Hatchery. The water level had dropped a couple of feet. We don't have a boat so we fish on the banks. But according to a boater that was leaving, the Hatchery has been like that for a couple of months and supposedly a couple more feet of water was going to be drained soon.

Still we fished on. Jimmy caught a baby Bass. Justin caught two small fish, though I don't know what they were. After we fished for a while, Jimmy (who'd wandered off) found his way back to us and wanted us to go for a walk. So we did. Here are some pics he took on our walk.

The first three show how different it looks with the water having dropped. The last one he's titled "Sunday Walks."

Btw, my cousin is spending the night so Jimmy, Jay and I can go fishing again in the morning, though closer to home. LOL My mom, aunt and other cousins are coming over tomorrow for a cookout. We were invited to their house, but I convinced them to come here since my apartment is kid friendly for Jackson. So sometime tomorrow, I'll have a houseful. I'll just send the kids to the playground. LOL

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Ami said...

Those are great pics. I love the one of you walking with the three kids. It looks like it was hot and humid, though.