Monday, September 10, 2007

Proud Moments...

If ever there was a moment a Mother's pride just bursts, this is it. My children are smart. Of course every mother says that. LOL But in this case, it's completely true! Justin has been bumped up to 2nd grade! 2ND GRADE!!!!!!!!! LOL

This all started when I sent his teacher an email last week informing her that Justin's been coming home completely bored and begging me to print out harder worksheets. She emailed me back and suggested we have him tested for 2nd grade. Jimmy and I discussed it with Justin and left the decision to him. Justin was quite excited about taking the test so I emailed his teacher yesterday and gave her the go ahead.

While we were at a doctor's appointment for Jackson today, she called and left a message. They tested him first thing this morning at 8:00 and tomorrow, he will change grades. I'm so proud of my boy!

I met him at the bus stop this afternoon and he had this big ole grin on his face and excitedly told me his news. He graciously let me hang around while he shared his news with his Homework Club teacher. LOL

I am definitely doing something special for him this weekend. I've already called my family and shared the news. LOL I'm just so happy for him and so damn proud!


Ami said...

So glad the teacher was able to listen to you and to observe how well he was doing.

Hope he loves it!


Heather said...

I'm sorry I missed the news. That really is something to be proud of.

Go Justin and enjoy it, Kaytee. :)