Sunday, September 23, 2007

I bought a fish today.

Not to eat, but to enjoy. LOL

Jay and I went to the Super Pets to get bedding for his hamster...and a splashy new cage. She was living in a metal cage with just a wheel attached inside. No fun tunnels or anything. Now she has a home we can add all kinds of tunnels to.

Well I decided I wanted a fish. Obviously, I couldn't just buy any fish. After all, a fish tank with all the fixings costs quite a bit. So I bought a Beta Fish and a Beta Fish starter kit. LOL Sounds funny, doesn't it? It's a Beta fish tank that came with water conditioning, a packet of food, gravel and a plastic tree. He's quite beautiful. I asked Jimmy to explain his color. He thinks in car colors. LOL So to him Mr. Fish (Jimmy wanted to name him that. LOL) is a light black cherry color. Kandy red meets burgundy. Whatever. He's beautiful. He is resting comfortably on my dresser as Jackson would climb or do whatever to get Mr. Fish if he was in sight. LOL

I can't wait til we're living somewhere and I can get a puppy! For now, we'll settle for pets where a pet deposit isn't required. LOL


Ami said...

Bettas are a lot more complicated than the pet stores and sprawlmart tell you. They require a certain ph balance, and don't react well to huge water changes. They need more filtration than they usually get, too.

Matt's been studying them for awhile, and has considered breeding them. If you want tips, email and I'll pass it on.

Meanwhile, if you feed them lots and lots, they will never get big enough to filet.


Margo said...

We have a beta. I swear those things live forever!