Sunday, June 11, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was our Anniversary. 11 years! WOOHOO! My cousin had spent a couple of days with us. Her mother (my aunt of course) volunteered to watch my kids so Jimmy and I could go out for our anniversary. We left before my aunt got here, but my cousin is old enough to babysit and very reliable, so we felt fine leaving, knowing my aunt was on her way. A little background mother lives with my aunt and my aunt's 4 kids. They were both on vacation this past week so decided to fog the house, bomb it, whatever. Being that my mother is completely lazy, my aunt has been trying to get everything cleaned and back where it goes by herself. So on the way to my house, my aunt stopped at the convenient store my mother works at to get gas. She was complaining to my mom about not being able to get the house clean. She was hoping my mother would take a such luck. Especially when my selfish mother says, "Why don't you just tell Kaytee you can't babysit?" My aunt just looked at her and said, "I'm not going to do that. For one she's already left and for another it's her Anniversary!" My aunt was livid. And I really do NOT blame her. I know how lazy my mother is. After I had Korinne by c-section, she volunteered to stay with us for a couple of weeks to help with Jay and Justin, who were 7 and 2 at the time. The whole time she was there, she was yelling at me for cleaning, for vacuuming. Well dammit, she wasn't doing it and I cannot stand a floor that's not vacuumed. Especially when I have a toddler playing all over it! It wasn't even 3 days before I was begging Jimmy to take her home. LOL So anyway, we had invited Jimmy's sister's and husbands to join us for dinner. We were going to a japanese steakhouse. Only one of his sisters was able to make it. We met up with her husband afterwards. She ended up paying for our dinner. So we had decided to pay for their drniks when we met up with Larry at the bar. However, when the tabs came, he snatched his, stuck his card in it and gave it back to the waitress before I could even blink. LOL We came home and totally planned on going to bed early so we could get up early to take the kids fishing. Well we went to bed about midnight or so. Yeah, that's late for us. LOL I woke up with Jackson at 5 and debated waking everyone up at 6. LOL So we went fishing today, didn't catch anything, but still enjoyed ourselves. Jackson sat in his stroller for a while. Then I put him in my lap while fishing. He was holding the pole with me. It was so damn cute, like he was fishing too. LOL Then we just hung out at home until evening before going to check out another landing for possible fishing. Nope, not taking my kids there! There's gators in it. No way are my kids getting that close to the water. LOL All in all, it was a great weekend! I love that we do things with the kids so much. They love fishing even though we don't catch anything. LOL Just another random thoughts blog from me. LOL


Patricia said...

Happy Belated 11Th Anniversary. I am happy your Aunt watched the kids , so you & Jimmy could have some Special time for yourselves. And also having dinner with other Adults LOL
Peace & Love

Heather said...

Happy belated anniversary. Sounds like fishing was fun. We took Aidan while we were up in Fergus Falls. The stinker fell off the dock. Thankfully he was wearing his life preserver.