Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Mother @@

My mother is the MOST insecure person ever. Though she's also the type that blames everyone else for her problems. Case in point, she got pregnant with me at 15, had me at 16. The WHOLE reason her life is so screwed up is beacuse of me. I've come to teerms that it's really NOT my fault she's screwed up, though it took years. She told me at 13 that I was a mistake. How devestating! Anyway, she's now living with one of her sisters. Said sister has 4 kids, like me, so understands how difficult it is to find a sitter for that many kids. Well my Aunt Joanne and I have a trade going on. The Saturdays she has her kids and has to work half a day, she'll bring them over here. 3 kids...14, 9 and 9. The Saturdays her kids are at their father's she'll come over here and watch mine so Jimmy and I can do whatever. Because as she says, "I know what it's like to not have anyone watch 4 kids so we can go out." So anyway, she has her kids this weekend, but I asked her to watch mine anyway because it's our Anniversary. I called her last night and asked. My mother, the paranoid one, called me today and says, "How come you didn't want to talk to me last night?" I said, "I just had a question for Aunt Joanne. I just wanted to know if she'd watch the kids Saturday." She's like, "Oh okay." As if I would tell her if I complained about her ot not. LOL I didn't. But still.

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