Monday, June 12, 2006


Going off of WTM's blog on Muffias...I have to say, I am sooooooooo sick of the moms around here who think their kids are sooooooooo perfect!. The kids my kids want to play with really get on my last nerve. There's this one kid, I'll call A, who is always getting in trouble in the apartment complex I live in. He and another brat my kids play with were caught trying to break into the Homework club here. The Homework Club is something our apartment complex has for FREE for our kids here to get help with homework and socialize with others, as well as have cool field trips. A's mom thinks he's so perfect and gets really upset when I confront her with something her brat has done to one of my kids...ususally my 5 year old who's several years younger than her brat. This brat once rode off on my son's mike with NO permission from anyone, then totally denied it. We finally found his bike the next day hidden behind another apartment building. Another "friend" Nacho....yes his nickname is Nacho, is constantly getting caught starting fires.....when I go and tell his barely English speaking parents about whatever I catch him at, they brush it off. Am I the only one who punishes their children for bad behaviour? Cussing? Climbing into other people's cars or boats? Stealing? My children get punished for everything I catch them at or find out about. The sad thing is, most of the kids around here will end up in jail or pregnant before they're 14. How sad is that?! And while I can't prevent my kids from the same fate, I can damn certainly try!

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