Tuesday, November 06, 2007

12 Years ago today

I gave birth to my first baby. I was 20 years old. We were scheduled to be induced so went to the hospital at 7:am. By 8:30, I was all hooked up and the pitocin was dripping. At 11:45am, the nurse came in and asked if I was feeling the contractions. I wasn't. Jimmy and I had been joking around and watching tv. She upped the dosage of the pitocin and my water broke. Of course, then I started feeling the contractions. And oh were they painful! At 12:27pm, after three healthy pushes, my beautiful baby boy was born. Matlock was on the tv. LOL I had no drugs to help with the pain. Well at least not until afterwards. LOL

Now I have a 12 year old adolescent with a major attitude problem on the verge of puberty. Heaven help me! LOL

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Ami said...

Happy Birthday to your boy!

The attitude does get better. It has to, because otherwise we'd eventually either kick them out or move out ourselves.