Monday, November 26, 2007


I need a vacation! I'm being pulled in so many directions. With Christmas coming up, I have to find gifts for the kids. I'm trying to deep clean the apartment. By that, I mean, going through all clothes and toys and getting rid of what's not worn or played with. We decided to switch the rooms again. Moved Jay and Justin back together and set up the bunk beds. Ok I did that by myself today. I didn't lift the top bunk by myself, I'm not that strong. LOL I got one of the maintenance guys to help me when I saw him driving by in the golf cart.

Ok so I spent all day doing laundry and rearranging rooms. I had Jackson's crib converted to a toddler bed, but changed it until we move the tv out of their room. I don't want him to pull it down on top of him. Aside from the tv, I almost have Jackson and Korinne's room finished. I have to finish going through her clothes and then go through the toys in the closet. Next comes the boys' room. Going through all of their clothes. There's no toys in there, so that's one less thing to do.

I already went through Jackson's toys and have 4 people from Freecycle coming tomorrow to pick stuff up. I have a large container of toys that I think I'm going to cut in half and donate to MUSC. No need to go through his clothes though, he hasn't changed sizes in a year! Though I do have to go through all the clothes that were given to him that won't fit him for a couple of years.

Now let's add in basketball practices for Justin that started tonight. Korinne's cheerleading practices should start soon as well. I'm still working, though I have an easy week this week, only 3 days. However, one of the office people wants to start training me for office work this week, learning how to audit tills and do overrides and all that. No pressure there.

Oh and then there's the online course I'm supposed to be taking to get my insurance license back. He wants me to have it before the end of the year. Then I'll start training on working from home before I start actually working from home. I'll keep my job at the store though.

At some point I'm going to snap. I have got to clear my head. I have to remind myself that this won't last. It's only a month right? LOL It won't last. I know this. ::::::::breathing deeply::::::::::

Wow that was therapeutic! LOL

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tracey said...

i do freecycle here in pa to honey. its wonderful!