Saturday, November 10, 2007

Friends of Bob and Tom...

was friggen awesome! I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt. LOL We were in row B. It was awesome being that close. Jimmy bought me a shirt that says "Say it to my face" and underneath "Donnie Baker." He signed the back with my name and wrote "Nice booty (arrow pointing down). Was here. I swear to God I was." And signed his name. You'd have to know who Donnie Baker is to get the joke. LOL

Suffice it to say, Jimmy and I had an excellent time. Well worth the wait since I bought the tickets in August. LOL

Of course, the other comedians were just as funny. We'd seen Drew Hastings when he was here last year. But there were new ones this year. Chick McGee was here again. He's one of the DJs on the Bob and Tom Show. There was also Greg Warren (Flute Man Greg!), Larry Reeb and Tim Wilson. All hilarious in different ways.

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