Thursday, August 03, 2006

Field trip!!!

Tomorrow, the Homework Club is having another field trip. I'm chaperoning. We're going to the IMAX to see The Ant Bully. I'm so excited!

Unfortunately, Jay didn't earn enough points to qualify for this field trip. First time all summer. The guy that runs the homework club called me yesterday to let me know. He said he would understand if I didn't want to chaperone since Jay can't go. I told him that was nonsense, that I'd told him I would chaperone as long as I could find a sitter for Jackson. Jay was supposed to have finished a project by yesterday morning, one he'd known about for over a week. That's why he doesn't qualify for the field trip. What's cool, is I can bring Justin and Korinne with me as well. I know they'll enjoy it.

So my mother is dropping my cousin off in the morning and she'll babysit Jay and Jackson. Jay keeps saying, "I could still go if you buy me a ticket." I informed him firmly that I would do no such thing. It wouldn't be fair to the other children that didn't qualify. Plus he knew he had work to do and didn't do it. That's his responsibility. Wth me taking along Justin and Korinne, I can still fit 5 other children in Lucy Blue.

I called the guy this morning to let him know I did have a sitter for tomorrow and would still chaperone. He seemed surprised. I guess he thought I'd be like the other parents and back out if my kid couldn't go. Nope, I wanna go to the IMAX theatre too! LOL

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