Thursday, August 31, 2006


I'm so disappointed in today. The media had a lot of people freaking out about the "storm" coming. It wasn't even a hurricane, yet schools were closed, lots of businesses were closed. And all we got was a full day of rain.

My kids were all freaking out, asking, "when is the storm coming?" I had to explain to them that the rain WAS the storm. There was no thunder, no lightening. Just rain. My kids were out of school for a rain day?! Come on people! I could understand more if it were a SNOW day. We rarely get snow. But for a tropical depression, we shut everything down? We were actually under an EPSOM 1...whatever the hell that means. I know it's not good. But if they're going to get all freaked out, at least let it be for a hurricane, category 1 or so. Not for a tropical storm or tropical depression.

I KNEW this was just going to be a "rainy day" and everyone else was freaking out, evacuating or going to shelters. I stayed where I am usually at. HOME. Inside. With my children, in the AC, watching cartoons or playing games or coloring. LOL

Yes it rained a lot and hard at some times. But there was nothing being blown around. I had to clear out my patio for nothing. My grill is in the back of Lucy Blue and all the chairs were brought inside...where we constantly tripped over. This place is not big enough for outside furniture. LOL

I am glad that it was just a rainy day though. I would not be here for something as strong as Katrina. My kids and I would be long gone.


Ami said...

Glad it turned out to be nothing serious. Been thinking of you.

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

Oh Ami, I'm glad it was nothing serious also. But with all the hoopla that was going on, I expected at least some wind or thunder or something. LOL
Thank you. :)