Wednesday, August 02, 2006


My first mistake in blogging is to have my settings where anyone can respond. I did so because I wanted my friends who weren't "registered: be able to respond. My second mistake that was pointed out by a few people, was to let what others said get to me. That being said, no one can respond to my blog (anymore) under anonymous.) Second, I'm tired of people sending me emails or responding with one thing in mind that has nothing (really) to do with what I'm talking about. I ranted and raved about Andrea Yates recently and recieved several emails telling me I should seek help for depression. Nowhere in that post did I say I was referring to the present. (For those that don't know, I have gotten ahold of my depression, and will not explain myself further unless directly asked.)

That being said, my last post on my cry wolf update..people have totally misread my point on the story. I was merely sharing how upset I was about the whole thing. Yet I get responses from someone who is too coward to post under their name, choosing anonymous instead, "chastising" me for "tattling." Said person must really know me to know where I live and give an exact address. I deleted that post because the asshole GAVE my exact address. No one where I live can associate my "Sunnie" name with my real name. So obviously this person has an axe to grind...according to others who read my blog. No ONE where I live even knows I have a blog. So why would they look for me? Again as I was pointed out, why search for my comments and where I may or may not live? My profile says Charleston....which covers A LOT of area. Obviously said person has an axe to grind. Do it somewhere else! or have the guts to post under your real name. I totally hate cowards!


Ivy, the Great and Powerful said...

Oooh, I hate when people don't have the balls to post under their own name! I'd be ballistic!

Heather said...

While I completely understand your sentiments, please remember that blogs are public and easily accessible. Innocuous comments can actually reveal a lot. I make no pretense of hiding my identity because if someone wanted to find me they could and I don't want to lull myself into complacency.

I have a rule of thumb I use when posting: write, proof, wait. I then reread it and make sure it's what I wanted to say, then post. I obviously don't always follow it, but if I'm concerned about how others may interpret it, I do.

It's no different than the message boards we used to use. The info is floating out there and it may only take a few minutes of using a search engine to find.

Just as an example, have you seen the Craigs' List Robberies? Eek

I guess what I'm saying is while the anonymous commentor was certainly out of line, it's a reminder of how easily we can be identified through the net.

Have you heard of being dooced? I think Ivy has it as a link in her blog.

Brigid said...

Hey girly - you of all people know how I am - I will say what I want to say, how I want to say it and if you dont like it - BITE ME! It is my damn blog page - just like this is your blog page and if people dont like the things you talk about or how you talk about it they can take a long walk off a short pier... so I say bring it! I would respond the same way you did only I wouldnt have put it as nicely! T~~