Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I also have to admit...

I admit that if it weren't for me having school age children, I wouldn't even know who Ernesto is. The only reason I have been keeping up is to know whether or not I'm sending my boys to school. I think this is going to be just a heavy rain storm. I know it could gain strength and all that. I've been watching the news. But I think since this is the first big "storm" to head our way, people are overreacting in fear of another Katrina. The biggest difference, we were all aware of how strong Katrina was. This is just a Tropical Depression right now. I highly doubt we're going to be hit as bad as the Katrina survivors were. Yet, when I went to the grocery store for sodas earlier, you'd think we were preapring for a national disaster. It was a madhouse!

Friends of ours are evacuating. They're from NY so I guess they're not used to hurricane threats as much as we are, even though they were on the East Coast as well. I could be wrong in all of this. It may gain strength, but I don't think there's enough time for it to become over a category 1. I know the weather people are worrying because we're supposed to have high tide when the storm hits us, so there will be major flooding. But to put people in a panic over a tropical depression? Sorry, not gonna happen.

Plus we have Harriet making her special Hurricane cookies! So we're gonna be just fine! YAY!


Mike said...

A great post. Schools will be closed tomorrow so you'll have to put up with the kids.

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

LOL I don't mind my kids being home. I LOVE them being home with me. What I DO mind is my oldest starting fights with the younger ones. No worries, I'll just put his little ass to work. There's PLENTY of work around the house. LOL
I dare him to say, "I'm bored." LOL