Tuesday, August 01, 2006


For my birthday (back in April), Jimmy bought me this wonderful Polaroid digital camera to replace my Vivatar digital camera. The thing is, I loved my Vivitar camera. And while it was so sweet of him to buy me a new digital camera, I hate it! I have been changing settings in so many different ways to get the pictures right. They're either too dark or too light.

So tonight he comes home with the Vivitar for me to upload pics to the computer. Later I say, "Honey, I love the new camera, but can I please have this one back?" I've actually been a little depressed (more sad) that I haven't been able to just snap pictures of the kids when I want because I haven't figured out the settings on the new camera. I hate that I have to keep changing settings to try to get a candid moment of the kids.

Of course, this makes him feel bad because he thought the new camera would make me happy. And it does, because of the thought. But the new camera works best when used outside...And that's where he takes his pictures. I take mine inside. So I finally convinced him to trade cameras with me. Cause I so miss taking pics of the kids when I want and knowing they'll turn out right.

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