Wednesday, November 22, 2006


of baby toys.

Apparently this past Friday, I knocked myself unconscious from Jackson's toys. I remember nothing from climbing over the gate to turn the tv off. From what Jimmy and I have gathered, I climbed over the gate into the living room and turned the Tv off. From there, it's a blur.

From what we can gather, I tried to climb back over the gate, lost my footing and instead of falling forward, I fell backward. Jimmy woke up at 6am and found me passed out in the living room, inside the gate. He looked for blood. Later I found where I'd hit my head in the back and found a scab.

So from what we gather, I went into the gate unharmed, turned the tv off, tried to go back over the gate, caught my foot and rather than fall forward, I fell backward, hit my head on one of Jackson's toys, that was sharp and knocked myself unconscious. I still have the scab on my skull.

Jimmy said he knew it wasn't from me drinking to much because he'd marked the vodka bottle and it was at the same place. LOL

So please be ware of baby toys. LOL


Ami said...

::Uploading ice pack:::

I'm glad you're alive to post about it. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're ok!! Man!

Sonia said...

LOL at the marking of the vodka bottle. i have a 13 yr old in the house, I need to start doing that myself! Glad you're ok! YOu must have been freaked out.