Thursday, November 09, 2006

Back in September, I posted about Field Trips and Fundraisers. Jay leaves Monday morning. Well today Jay was sent home with a letter saying we still owed $29 and had to pay by 9:00 am tomorrow or he can't go. I, of course, became angry. You don't just forget writing checks for that amount of money. Here's how it is with my figures.
  1. Camp Kanuga cost $220
  2. Impromptu Style day raised money to lower cost to $210
  3. 9/14 sent check for $100 deposit....balance left, $110
  4. Had fundraiser earned $16 towards balance....balance left $94
  5. 10/15 sent check for $45....balance left $49
  6. 10/26 sent check for $49....balance left $0

Ok so please recheck my math, since math was never my best subject. Did I miss something?

I will be driving the boys to school in the morning and taking copies of the checks my bank cashed, printed directly from their website. Tell me I owe $29 more! I'm glad I keep track of money so well. LOL


imabug said...

sounds like someone's forgotten about the $26 (and then some) in fundraising that was done for the trip. Hope you get things sorted out!

Ami said...

So what happened, dammit!?!
We all wanna know!


Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

LOL Sorry. It was a mix-up. When I sent in the checks, Jay had a substitute teacher (since the beginning of school.) His regular teacher had been on maternity leave and she came back just last week. So the records were lost somewhere in the shuffle. The teacher just wanted to see receipts or cleared checks. Since I couldn't produce receipts (never got any) I showed the checks.