Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Carlos Mencia

Now I've been to a total of three comedy shows in my life. The first was Dave Chapelle. He was friggen hilarious! Then recently, as you all know, we went to the Bob and Tom Show. That was hilarious! But tonight we went and saw Carlos Mencia. And OMG I laughed so hard throughout the whole two hours that I had tears and my cheeks now hurt. LOL

I can't even begin to describe how funny he is. He's one of those comedians that will talk about anything and everything, give his opinion and doesn't care if it offends. Because honestly, he says what most of us want to say.

On one of his comedy specials on Comedy Central he says, "I say the things you want to say but are too afraid to say." Mostly white people and how we're all too afraid to laugh at black jokes in public but will laugh our asses off in the safety of our homes. Sorry, that's not me. I laugh at white jokes. I laugh at black jokes. Doesn't matter your ethnicity, if it's funny to me, I laugh.

Anyway, he promised to come back again next year and we plan on being there. He said he'd be at the merchandise tables taking pics and signing autographs. So I decided I wanted a t-shirt. We stood in line not even ten minutes. I bought my t-shirt and had all the comics sign the back. When we got to Carlos, he handed my t-shirt back and said "Even though you're not getting a picture, come here. And he gave me a hug! Not one of those "Hey how ya doin'" type hugs. But a real squeezing hug. Then he looked over and went to give Jimmy a hug but paused when he saw the shirt Jimmy was wearing. Jimmy's shirt said "Thank you, I'll be performing here all night." Carlos made a joke and gave Jimmy a hug.

It was a great night. I had an awesome time. AND I GOT TO HUG CARLOS MENCIA!!!!


Vera said...

Carlos Mencia is hilarious! Wish I could have went. I think it's great that he calls everyone out--whites, blacks, Mexicans, whatever.

Too bad we can't laugh with each other and at each together more.

Sonia said...

ahhh very cool! I love carlos. Hilarious! Best thing to happen to comedy central since Dave Chappelle (who I miss terribly).