Monday, November 27, 2006


I took the older three in for their annual check ups. Decided to get their flu shots out of the way. So Justin got one shot (flu), Jay got two (flu and tetanus) and Korinne got three (flu, DTAP, and MMR.) While at the doctor's office, Justin's temp was 100.1. Not too high, but enough to know that if I even bothered sending him to school I'd get a phone call telling me to pick him up and I knew I wouldn't have the car.

So after almost two hours at the pediatricians office, we made our way home...or rather to the school...45 minute drive. I signed Jay in and went to Justin's class to get the homework he would be missing. We did our errands, getting bread and meds, both of which we were out of, then got Jimmy from work. I managed to get Justin to take medicine, which is always a fight. And he even took a nap, so I knew he wasn't feeling well.

Well about 15 minutes ago, Korinne comes wandering out and says, "Mommy can you tuck me in?" I feel her head, she's burning up. I take her temp...103.2. So I fought her to get meds in her, gave her a sippy cup of juice and tucked her in.

Will Jay or Jackson be next? Is this just a short virus of will it turn in to the flu? I'd be more suspicious if Justin hadn't already had a fever when he got his flu shot. So I'm hoping it's just a short virus and that Jackson avoids it.

I have to take Jackson to the doctor anytime he gets sick because of his medical history. Now that we have a co-pay, that really adds up. LOL So please hope and pray Jackson avoids this go around.

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Heather said...

I hope your little ones are better.