Friday, September 22, 2006

Ugh...Field trips/Fundraisers

Jay has a field trip coming up in November. I'm all for my kids going on field trips. This one is to a science camp for three days/two North Carolina. The cost $210. I said no at first, But Jimmy convinced me that it would be something Jay would love...He LOVES science....and Jimmy would work extra to make sure it could happen.

So above my better thought, I agreed. Yes, I know Jay would love this. I know it's only available to the 5th graders. And yes I know that all the 5th grade teachers will be going, along with many other chaperones. (I'd love to be a chaperone but know I couldn't find someone to be here for my other three children.)

So to help cover the cost of this field trip, the school is doing a fundraiser now. We're to sell gift certificates to Krispy Kreme. The cost, $6 for a free dozen glazed donuts and 1/2 price a 2nd dozen if purchased at the same time. Also a $10 gift certificate to Nathan's Deli here on Hwy 61 for the price of $8.50. Each certificate sold for Krispy Kreme takes $2 off the remaining balance for field trip. Each certificate sold for Nathan's Deli takes $2.50 off remaining price.

So I sent the forms with Jimmy to his job in hopes some would help out. His main bitch is that he doesn't mind paying full price for Jay. He'd rather the fundraising money go towards the students whose parents cannot afford to send them. I'm fine with that. I'll call the school Monday morning and tell them to put the credit Jay's gotten towards a student who may not be able to attend.

My bitch is regardless whether this fundraising helps Jay or another child, I want Jimmy to at least ask for help. I don't mind the help going towards another child that may not otherwise be able to attend.

All that being said, would anyone like to contribute? The checks aren't even made out to me, but to the school. If you like to purchase certificates to either Krispy Kreme or Nathan's Deli, email me directly at and I'll tell you how to make the check out to, or make arrangements to meet and have you sign the forms and pay in cash. Up to you. But if anyone would like to help out, whether it's for my child or another, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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