Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's MY night...

From the day our oldest, Jay was born, Jimmy and I agreed that since he worked and I didn't I would get up with the kid(s) Sunday through Saturday. He would get up Saturday night/Sunday morning. I have never once in all these almost 11 years asked him to get up. So I consider Saturday nights/Sunday mornings to be MY time. I take that opportunity to drink what I want, as much as I want, or to stay up as late as I want. I get to sleep in on Sunday mornings, though I rarely due.

The reason? Because I'm selfish. I want to enjoy every single moment Jimmy is home from work. So I sacrifice my sleep in time to spend time with him. I DO take naps during the week when Jackson and Korinne are napping. So I don't feel I'm missing out on sleep.

So here I am at who knows what time (since the time I post is never the actual time) I have my two oldest spending the night out. and the two youngest plus Hubby in bed asleep. I'm disconcerted because usually when any of my kids are out for the night, I call them to tell them goodnight. Otherwise I go to bed feeling I forgot something. Tonight when I called to where they are, there was no answer. Wannabet, I won't get any sleep tonight? LOL

Yes I know I need to let them go some. But I'm not ready for that. They're 10 and 5! They should be home with me! Dammit! LOL

Next week will be even harder because the same friends the boys are at tonight, my girl will be with their girls. Korinne has never been at any sleepover other than my mother. I'm not worried about Korinne in regards of our friends, because we all share the same beliefs on discipline and whatnot. It's just that I've never been away from Korinne for any time except when I stayed at the hospital with Jackson when he had surgery on his skull in February.

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