Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jackson and allergies.

Today Jackson had his appointment to be tested for allergies. According to the skin test, he's allergic to egg whites, egg yolks, cows milk, peanuts, soybean, shrimp, fish and I cannot remember the last one. We were given a referral or whatever to have blood drawn to get a more conclusive result.

I just learned that even though his formula doesn't look or taste like milk based formula, there are broken down milk proteins in it. Then I learned that milk allergies can cause eczema. I haven't been able to get his eczema under control since he first came down with it. Then I thought hard and realized, he didn't get eczema until I quit pumping and gave him formula. Why did I quit pumping? Because he was in the hospital for almost two months so I wasn't able to get him used to nursing. When he came home, he lasted a month before he was drinking more than I could pump.

He was three months old when I put him on formula. It was also then he developed eczema. So have I been causing the eczema by giving him formula? I just don't know.

We go back to the allergist in two weeks, so I hope I have answers then. Until then, I'll keep doing what I'm doing...NOT giving him anything dairy. I'll stick to the foods he's been fine with.

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Ami said...

Well, YOU didn't cause the eczema. Perhaps the formula did, but that's not your doing. And I so admire that you were able to pump as long as you did. When one considers the other kids at home, Jackson in the hospital, all the emotional stuff that you had going on from losing Phoebe and Audrey and your worries, it's utterly astounding that you could do that. So no, it's not your fault at all.