Monday, September 04, 2006

Body man in training?

On Saturdays when Jimmy goes to work, he takes one of the older boys. He alternates so each get a turn. Jay likes to go to catch lizards and just hang out. Justin likes to go to actually work. LOL This past Saturday was Justin's turn. While Jimmy was working on a car for the shop, he let Justin sand on his truck (right next to him.) He told Justin he could sand anything but the tires and glass. Thankfully, he took the digicam with him because I have proof that Justin actually helps. LOL Here they are!
Hard at work!
Hey Daddy, I can barely reach this part!


Sonia said...

AWWWW! adorable pics!

Margo said...

Those photos are priceless!! What a hard little worker!

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

Thank you, Sonia!

Margo, Justin LOVES going to work with his Daddy. And Jimmy knows Justin will actually work. LOL

Ami said...

Too cute. Love the second picture of him reaching waaaay up.

What a great daddy! And those special times with one kid and Dad will never be forgotten. My boy is 19 now and he and his dad are still good friends and enjoy doing things together.

Hub also does things with dd alone... but she doesn't like to go out and hike and camp and fish, so they do breakfast or dinners.