Sunday, September 17, 2006

What was I thinking??!!

Earlier in the week, I called our former neighbors to see if their oldest son could spend the night with Jay. I called my sister to see if Justin could spend the night with his cousin. Both were yeses.

Saturday afternoon, I drove 45 minutes to my sister's house to drop off Justin. For some reason he got all upset and didn't want to stay. I wasn't going to force him, but I did say that I did NOT drive all that way for nothing. So Alex came home with us. We went grocery shopping on the plus 5 kids ages, 10, 6, 5, 3, and 1. The 3 year old and 1 year old behaved. LOL

Upon leaving the grocery store, I called my old neighbors to say I was on my way to pick up D. Jimmy called and said he was done working but wanted to know if he could hang out a bit longer. I said that was fine, because it was. He hardly ever hangs out with people. He's usually at work or here with us.

We get home and the four older ones all want to play video games. I said no way and sent them all outside to run off some energy. It really wasn't that bad until it was time to settle down in bed and watch a movie. They couldn't agree on a movie. a few wanted The Incredibles, the others wanted Austin Powers. We settle on the Incredibles, but because my boys don't know how to take care of their movies, it started messing up. That's when I put in Austin Powers. Within 30 minutes or so starting that, they were all passed out. I let Korinne sleep in the boys' room because she'd passed out on the floor with her sleeping bag.

When I woke up in the morning it was to hear Jimmy saying, "Keep it down so your mother c

an sleep!" (Sundays are my mornings to sleep in.) I was awake and there was no going back to sleep. LOL

We had a great day though. We cooked out, had good food, played with the kids. When my sister came to pick up Alex, she stayed to babysit my kids while Jimmy and I went fishing. Jimmy's birthday is Tuesday and he wanted just me and him to go fishing. We didn't catch anything, but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. The rest of the day, we listened to music, danced with the kids and just enjoyed ourselves.

I hate Mondays! I love having Jimmy home. Though I admit, I love being able to pay the bills more. LOL

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Ivy, the Great and Powerful said...

I never minded Mondays until I went back to work, now I hate them. Jim obviously never has weekends off, so I think that's why Mondays never occurred to me as bad days. :D

Friday, once my favorite day of the week is my least favorite day, now. I know Jim will have to work late all weekend, and Fridays are always *crazy* at my job- there's way too much to do. I just finished my Friday work about 2 hours ago, hee hee.