Friday, September 29, 2006

About Jay...

We got Jay's progress report today. He has a D in Language Arts, A in Math, C in Science and an F in Social Studies. To say that we are shocked and upset doesn't cut it. In the remarks it says, "Needs to do homework."

Okay let's talk about that. Jay goes directly to the homework club after school. He does his homework there and it's checked there. Nevertheless, when he gets home, I recheck his homework. He has an agenda he's to write his assignments in. I check that every night and initial it. So apparently Jay isn't writing all his homework down. Because I know that what has been written down has been checked by one of the counselors in the homework club, then again by me.

The other comments are "Low quiz grades (that's for math, yet he has a 99 in math.

The last comment is "Needs to stay focused." Now that one doesn't come as a surprise since he's ADHD and does have problems focusing.

The director of the homework club called me this evening to discuss Jay's grades. He was just as shocked as me since he knows how I am with Jay and his homework. He knows I'm an active participant in Jay's education. So what we've decided to do as a team is I'll call the school Monday morning to set up a conference with Jay's teacher...all of them if need be. I'm going to request that they initial Jay's agenda each day, I'll do the same as will Nick (the homework club director.) We'll also start Jay with tutoring in Social Studies in Language Arts and Social Studies. The homework club does free tutoring on Saturdays. I'll have the teacher send something for Jay to work on for the Saturday sessions.

As far as how Jimmy and I are handling it. I know I've talked about the science camp coming up in November. We've already paid for half of it. When I call the school Monday I plan on asking if that money can be refunded. If not, we have two options. We'll talk to his teachers and keep an eye on his grades this coming month. If they've improved, he can go. If not, we'll get our money refunded or donate it to another child. All monies have to be paid in full by 10/30. So I'll get the info in advance. In the meantime, Jay is grounded. He will be working hard.

I expect his grades to improve. Am I being unreasonable? Am I being too harsh? This is a first since he's been in school. He's always had excellent grades.


Margo said...

I think you're doing a great job with Jay (not to mention the rest of your crew!)

Bravo for staying on top of things, Mom! I'm sure his grades will improve.

Ami said...

Of course you know I have a different view of grades and things children are forced to learn that they will never use again.

But I think that it's important for any child to put forth their best effort, and it doesn't sound like that's what he's doing.

Look at it this way. Everything you have to go through with him now is giving you experience to deal with your other kids. And I know you know already that no two are alike.

People say labor is hard. Ha. It's the next 18 years that gets ya.

Daniel said...

Two of our boys would actually DO the homework, but forget to turn it in. Talk about pulling your hair out -- I had a "gifted and talented" elementary school boy who was as bright as anyone in the class but was constantly being harrassed for "missing homework" I'd seen him do, signed for, all of that stuff.

We eventually took him out of that school, and everything improved. But the "missing homework" continued. In his freshman year of high school, he got a terrible grade in a class that he should have aced. When asked why, the teacher claimed that our son hadn't turned in his portfolio. Our son swore he did, but teachers rule in such things. The next year this same teacher used technical drawings from our son's "missing" portfolio as examples of how to make a good portfolio -- taped them to the walls, with my son's name on them. D'uh.

Dishonest? Deceitful? Whatever -- the teacher wasn't punished and our son's grade was not restored.

Sonia said...

No, you are definately NOT being unreasonable! My son has the same problem about writing his homework down. It's terrible! And honestly, he doesn't care if he gets bad grades...all he cares about is playing. SO once he's grounded, he starts "remembering" better. Funny how that works. Good luck!