Thursday, September 28, 2006

Shopping spree...and allergies

Jackson had his appointment with the allergist again this morning. According to the blood test results, he has a mild allergy to eggs, milk and peanut. The numbers weren't high enough for major concern. Yeah...he's the the freaked out parent who's baby has had medical problems aplenty since birth. So we're to do challenge tests. Next week, we'll go in with some milk. They'll give him milk then check him in 15 minutes, give him more, check him, etc. The same will happen when he has his appointments for the eggs and peanut challenge. I'm so tired of all these doctor's appointments! When will they be over? Ok I really don't mind because I know he's being taken good care of. While at the allergist appointment, he didn't like how Jackson was breathing and that his nose was stuffy, so we were given a prescription.

With prescription in hand, we head to Walmart and drop it off. As we're waiting for the med to be filled, I'm browsing. I decide to by myself things I've needed for awhile...undergarments. Then I'm looking at the clearance racks...I love clearance racks...and come across three tank tops I loved. The highest price was 3 bucks! I did buy a $7 t-shirt with tinkerbell on it that says, "You wish you were me." I got it because I love tinkerbell and it just sounded funny. Along with a bottle of soda, a can of refried beans and a box of garlic bread sticks, the price came to just over $60. When I saw Jimmy later, I told him I went shopping. He immediately got this weird look on his face. He said, "Well you know where we stand with the bills." My heart dropped and I decided to take everything back.

Later when Jimmy came home from work, I told him I was taking everything back and why. He said, "No you are not taking them back. You needed most of it. And the shirts cost $15 for all four. I wasn't trying to make you feel bad. I was merely stating that since you handle the bills, you knew whether or not we could afford it." Then I decided, to hell with it. I rarely buy anything for myself, other than a magazine or two a week. I'm keeping these tank tops. The undergarments were very much needed so I wouldn't have taken them back. LOL

See, I handle all the money here. When Jimmy gets his paycheck, he calls me. I go pick it up, it's signed over to me and deposited into my checking account. I pay all the bills and buy whatever is needed. The financial part of our marriage is my responsibility. And he wouldn't have it any other way. At least he knows the bills are paid and I'm not stressing about something being shut off. Yes, we had a little extra for me to shop today. Usually when I do extra shopping, it's for the kids, so it felt really good buying myself some things.

I love shopping! But I'm such a frugal shopper that I will compare before I buy. I devour clearance racks. I even like second hand stores. I bought Korinne a bicycle for 4 bucks at a second hand store and it looked brand new! Ok I'm cheap. You don't have to tell me. LOL


Ami said...

That's not cheap. That's SMART.
I have shopped at Goodwill and other thrift stores for years and years.
Most of the time, if I need something, I go there first. I have found so many new items, too. My big one this summer was a pair of Ralph Lauren Jeans with an $80.00 store tag still on them. I got them for $6.99. The down side is, I have been shrinking and now I can't wear them. Wait... that's the UPside. :)

Of course, there are some things I won't buy used... underwear comes to mind, lol, but it's just NUTS to pay retail prices if you can avoid it!

You should check out the thrifty blog one of my friends started. There are a few of us who post to it. It's at

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

LOL No I refuse to buy used underwear. Also won't buy used bras or socks. But I love a good deal and getting those Ralph Lauren jeans was definitely a good deal.