Thursday, September 21, 2006

The ABC Meme

The ABC Meme, stolen from Mike, who stole it from Well Mannered Frivolty. LOL

  • A - Accent: Southern with a mix of midwest (so I've been told)
  • B - Breakfast Item: Sausage McMuffin with egg
  • C - Chore you hate: Scrubbing the floor
  • D - Dad's Name: Bill (ex-stepdad, but only Dad I've ever known)
  • E - Essential everyday item: Water
  • F - Flavor ice cream: Mint chocolate chip
  • G - Gold or Silver?: Silver
  • H - Happy Place: Relaxing in the tub with a good book
  • I - Insomnia: Rarely
  • J - Job : Domestic Goddess, Domestic Engineer, call it what you want
  • K - Kids: 6, 4 living, 2 in Heaven
  • L - Living arrangements: Me , Hubby Jimmy, Jay, Justin, Korinne, Jackson
  • M - Mom's birthplace: Charleston, South Carolina
  • N - Name your pets: Jay, Justin, Korinne, Jackson. LOL J/k no pets
  • O - Overnight hospital stays: 2 days giving birth to Jay, 3 days giving birth to Justin, 4 days giving birth (c-section) to Korinne, 13 days when I gave birth to my twins, 3 days giving birth to Jackson
  • P - Phobia: Burning alive
  • Q - Question: Why do children argue just for the sake of arguing?
  • R - Religious affiliation: Baptist
  • S - Siblings: Shannon, Billy, Joshua and Robert (the latter two from ex-stepdad)
  • T - Time you wake up: Whenever Jackson wakes up. Otherwise 6:30am
  • U - Unnatural hair colors you've had: My hair has been red (my favorite), black, brown and my natural blonde. It was also accidently dyed burgundy (looked reddish-purple) once.
  • V - Vegetable you refuse to eat: Spinach
  • W - Worst habit: smoking
  • X - X-rays you've had: When I was ten and cut my finger badly
  • Y - Yummy: japanese food
  • Z -Zoo animal: turtles

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Mike said...

Thanks for playing the game.