Monday, April 30, 2007

I love having a daughter!

She is such a beautiful child. She had her soccer pictures taken today. I bathed her before so she'd be squeaky clean. I then put her hair in two pony tails. Because her hair is curly, I twisted them so they stayed spirally. Add that to her beautiful blue eyes and her gorgeous smile and BAM! You get the most beautiful little girl ever!

I love my boys, but it's nice to have the girl thrown in there to shake things up. LOL She's a spitfire, that's for sure. I'll hopefully have her soccer pics back soon. When I do, I'll scan them (along with Justin's) and post them. I can't wait!

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Ami said...

Can't wait to see. I'm glad your soccer experience has been successful. :)
I have the only girl on both sides of the family. She is, of course, beautiful, brilliant, and a total crack up.
I enjoy her so much.