Thursday, April 19, 2007

Soccer and More

Justin and Korinne had their first soccer games this past Saturday. I missed Justin's because I was running an errand. But Jimmy taped it on the camcorder for me. He did excellent! As did Korinne and her team. At this age, they don't have goalies or keep score. But I have to say, their teams kicked some butt! Justin's team won 6-2. Korinne's team won 5-1.

Justin's coach has never coached soccer. So his practices are quite disorganized. When I take Korinne to her practices, I take Justin along because Korinne's coach is nice enough to let Justin practice if there's an odd number of girls there. Well Colleen Condon's son happens to be on Justin's team. The first time I met her I knew she looked familiar but I couldn't place her. I'm so not into politics, but when someone pointed it out to me, it made sense. I'd seen her on the news a few times. She's played soccer for 8 years. She was at practice tonight and I have to say, tonight's practice went so well. I think with her helping tonight, the kids learned more in one hour than they've learned in 4 practices. She was encouraging to all of the children. Which I think was a boost in their confidence.

On another note, Jay has been coming home the past couple of weeks complaining about a girl in his class that is verbally bullying him. According to him she calls him hideous looking and talks crap about us. She's never even met us. And Jay is not hideous looking. So it looks like I'll be contacting his teacher to find out what's going on. Jay says he's told her about it and has even talked to the counselor. Jay is a very sensitive child and gets his feelings hurt easily. If what Jay says is really happening, then I consider this a form of bullying. I intend to look further into it.

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