Monday, April 09, 2007

Lost Bike

  • Missing: One lost Mongoose bike; red, black and chrome; at least 7 speed
  • Last seen: ON OUR FRIGGEN PORCH!
  • If found please come to apartment ____

This is what I want to print a flyer of. The bike isn't really lost. Someone STOLE it! Why am I not surprised. We're surrounded by a bunch of hoodlum thieves! I cannot wait to move from here. We realized Jay's bike was missing this afternoon. I thought it was in our bedroom where we usually keep it. But Jimmy says he last saw it last night behind the huge bush in front of our porch. Now anyone walking by wouldn't really see it unless they were looking for it or something to steal. I spent over an hour walking around today looking on porches and balconies for this bike. Jay asked the maintenance men if they'd seen it. They hadn't, said they would keep an eye out for it but that we should call the police. Oh please. What the hell are they going to do about it? I can't remember where Jimmy stashed the paperwork with the serial number on it. Regardless they don't care about some stupid bike. I'm tired of my kids' things being stolen from our porch.

I posted recently about some little brat walking by wanting to steal Korinne's bike. And this was in broad daylight!

I'm so ready to move from this place. I love the school...well as long as it's right down the road. Not going to let them go to Spruil Avenue! But I'm willing to move away from this neighborhood. It's gone downhill so fast in the past year. I just want my kids to be able to forget their toys for one night without having to worry about some asshat taking it off our porch. Is that too much to ask?

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