Sunday, April 08, 2007

PINKS weekend!

This weekend was AWESOME! Friday night was a kind of late night getting last minutes things for our trip to NC. We went looking for a battery for our new camcorder, only to learn we have to order it. UGH! So instead we got a cooler and snacks and stuff for our drive, as well as Korinne's and Jackson's Easter baskets. My cousin Tayler and her friend (as well as my cousins JD and DJ cause Tayler had to babysit them Saturday morning) came over Friday night. My Aunt Joann picked them all up when she got off work Saturday at 1pm. I had all their clothes and stuff ready Friday night. I packed all of our clothes and stuff Friday night.

We got up and out the house by around 8:30am. We stopped by McD's for breakfast then made a pit stop at Walmart to get some kind of AC to DC adapter so we could charge the camcorder battery in the car.

Alas we are on the road. The rental car Jimmy was able to get (there's an Enterprise in the office of where he works so we got an *AWESOME deal for Friday-Monday and any car we wanted) played burned cds so we were able to listen to all kinds of music. The kids (Jay and Justin) kept themselves occupied really well. We played the Alphabet game several times. Couldn't really play I Spy since everything was green. LOL

We reach NC state line and following the directions from Map Quest, we drive past this beautiful waterfall. We made plans to stop on the way home to take pictures.

We find out hotel easily enough. Map Quest was accurate on those directions. I'd printed out directions from our home to the hotel and then from the hotel to the drag way.

Here is where I can say Map Quest sucks ass! It told us to turn on one street, then left and follow to the drag way. However one street was a dead end! So we turned around and stopped at the nearest gas station where we bought a map of Rockingham AND North Carolina. I also asked the cashier for directions. While she couldn't give me street names she gave me precise directions and we were on our way.

We finally arrived and parked. We weren't able to bring our cooler in or any bags (other than my purse). We had to go to a special window to pick up our tickets since I'd ordered them online. Jimmy was allowed to bring his bag in. It's one of those Marlboro lunch boxes that he uses as a camera bag. They looked in the bag and saw that it only contained his camera and our new camcorder so they allowed it.

It was quite nippy in North Carolina and Jay had left his jacket at our hotel room. He still wore a long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt with a hood. But it was still cold. (I won't be surprised if we all end up with colds this week.) When I say nippy, when the wind was blowing, it cut right through you. By the time we left it hurt to walk cause my toes were so cold and from standing in one place for so long.

As far as the actual show. It was the BEST show I've been to in...EVER! We saw some very fast cars. A jet car that we could barely follow. Some racing motorcycles, racing snowmobiles, pro-mods and then the actual All Out Racing.

The show will air in about 4 months and you may just see us in the audience. You won't recognize any of us, but you might see Jay out there in his bright orange Clemson sweatshirt. LOL

In between events, they had people throwing t-shirts in the stands (kinda like at Stingrays' games.) Jay and Justin tried so hard to get one, yet were just about trampled by grown men. At one point, I was just walking back to our seats and was about knocked to the ground by grown ass men fighting over a piece of damn cloth! So the last time they were throwing out shirts, Jimmy and Jay had left to circulate their blood/feet/whatever. Justin and I were in the stands. When I saw the girls throwing shirts out, I told Justin to run to the fence and start making noise. He did. But there were still a few grown men trying for the shirt. As I'm watching to make sure these particular assholes don't knock my son down, I see a t-shirt being thrown in Justin's direction. A grown man grabs it, turns around and hands it to Justin. My heart jumped. As Justin is running to me, I'm running down. I ask, "Did you tell him thank you?" He says yes. So I'm going down to tell the man myself thank you but he's disappeared into the crowd. Jimmy said he didn't do it for thanks or he would have stuck around. I thought that was extremely generous. Of course, Jay didn't think it was fair. But it's not like I bought the t-shirt. We couldn't afford the t-shirts anyway!

The races were over around 8:30pm. We left, went to Sonic for some real food and went back to the hotel room. We were all passed out by 10pm and up at 7:30am eager to head home. The mattress was VERY comfy but we're used to sleeping with at least three pillows, not one! LOL

Anyway, below are the pictures we took of the waterfall. Yes we stopped and took pics. It was just so unexpected to see in the middle of trees. We saw a lot of swamps, but nothing like this. So, of course, I insisted we get pics. We did cross the street to see where the water was going. And on a log in the stream was covered with ice! ICE! It was that cold! LOL Jimmy thought he got pictures of that as well, but hey we're still learning how to use the camcorder for videos and still images. LOL I'm just glad we got the pics of the waterfall! LOL

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Ami said...

It sounds like you had a very memorable time. I'm glad you got to go! And the waterfall pictures are really pretty.