Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Friends

Recently I've noticed a woman taking three children to the playground here each day. I have been taking Jackson outside often so I've had a chance to talk to her. Her name is Deanne, and is originally from Czechoslovskia (not sure if I spelled that right). Her boyfriend, Morat, is from Germany. I love both of their accents. They're both really nice and really attentive to the kids.

For some reason both seem to trust me enough to share information that most Americans would hide. Nothing illegal or dangerous, just personal. Yet, I find myself drawn to this woman and feel I could be friends with her. I admit, I'm jealous...she's gorgeous with a flat tummy. LOL However only one of those three children are hers...and I've given birth to 6, so I take that into perspective.

Today while at the playground she wanted to ask me a question, one she thought was weird. I wearily agreed to answer. She just wanted to know if I had a vacuum she could borrow because they wouldn't be able to buy one until next week when payday rolled around. I breathed a sigh of relief and said she was welcome to use my vacuum. I don't know what I thought she was going to ask. But I'm weary of newcomers getting too personal with me. LOL

Anyway, I'm happy I've found someone I feel comfortable being around that lives around here. Someone that actually watches their children like I watch mine. Her daughter seems to really like me because whenever she sees me she runs to me and hugs me. And she's very beautiful little girl. I'm just not used to other children (that I'm not related to) running up to me to hug or sit on my lap. It's really sweet.

I hope she and I can become good friends and she won't let me down by my last neighborhood friend. (Wanna know about that, email me and if I trust you, I'll share.)


Ami said...

I have a lovely friend from the Czech Republic. She's a very, very good artist. She designed a birth announcement for me, but it ended up as a framed picture because she was IN the Czech Republic when Lyssa was born.

I'm glad you've found a friend there. Lots of people near you that I doubt I'd want to be friends with, either. :)

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

LOL Ami, you should know as much as I complain to you.

I'd love to see that birth announcement.