Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Damn women drivers!

Yeah I know. Ironic, since I'm a woman. LOL

I decided I didn't feel like cooking today so we were having a 'Whatever Wednesday.' When Jimmy came home I asked if he wanted Chinese. So I get in his car Tempo) and drive around the corner to the Chinese place. I get my food, get back in the car and head home. I'm stopped at a stop sign waiting to turn left (still in the shopping center) when I hear a crunch. So I put the car in park, jump out and see my bumper cracked. Granted, the side of the bumper had already been damaged so I wasn't all that concerned that it was now cracked from the edge to about 2/3 down the back. I call Jimmy at home to see whether he wants me to even bother with the police or let it go. While I'm talking to him, the girl that was driving is going off, "Oh hell no I didn't do that. Blah blah blah!" Jimmy's on the phone and says, "No, F that. You hang up and call the police. I was going to let it go since the bumper was already damaged but if she wants to be a little bitch, then forget it." So I call the police. I'm shaking the whole I always do when I'm in an accident. The girl is still going off and I finally snap it and say, "Look Bitch, I was going to let it go, which is why I called my husband first. But you're standing there running your mouth and making it worse!" I call Jimmy back, because I'm sitting there by myself while she over there bitching to her boyfriend. So Jimmy decides he wants to talk to her boyfriend. So I hand him my phone. Basically Jimmy told him that he needed to calm his girlfriend down. If she had just gotten out and apologized we would have let it go. Jimmy told him, that blond over there is stuck home with 4 kids all day and if your girl keeps it up she's going to lose her temper. And you do NOT want me to load up my kids and drive up there. The whole time Jimmy's talking to this guy, he's very polite and says he understands. Jimmy told him we didn't really want a police report and didn't want to file an insurance claim. So if he got her calmed down and talk to me, we'd let it go. Which I was totally fine with. To be honest the only reason my bumper looks so bad is because it was already damaged on the side. So when she tapped it, it cracked even more.

So while we're waiting for the police, she calms down and says, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gotten out and started running my mouth. I've had a bad day and it just keeps getting worse." I said, "I understand. I have four kids, so I know about bad days." So I basically told her the same thing Jimmy had told her boyfriend. That I'd called Jimmy first to see what he wanted me to do since the turd is his vehicle for back and forth to work. I told her I didn't want to file a claim or even have an accident report. The truth is, we could have fought and had her insurance company replace the bumper. But there had already been damage and I felt that would be wrong. So we sat there talking while waiting for the cop to show up.

The cop finally shows up and I tell him what happened, including that I'd called Jimmy first and we were going to let it go until she starting cussing and running her mouth. I told the cop she'd since calmed down and apologized. I told him I didn't really want an accident report or file a claim since she'd calmed down and talked to me like a reasonable person. The cop asked her how old she was after I said she'd been running her mouth. 21. Well the cop looked at her and said, "She's being awfully nice about this after you ran your mouth." So we didn't have to get an accident report and I don't have to deal with going to my insurance company to get it signed. The cop was really cool to me about it. He said he understood and that this was the easiest accident he dealt with. LOL

I know most people would have insisted on an accident report. But like I said, the bumper was already damaged on one side. No one was hurt. And I honestly wouldn't have known she hit me if I hadn't HEARD the crunch...over my stereo. LOL My car didn't move. Had she not calmed down and talked to me, yeah we'd have an accident report that we'd both have to get our insurance companies to sign. I still wouldn't have filed a claim against her insurance though. Not for something that was already damaged. I was shaking so bad on my way home. And all I wanted was some damn rice and eggrolls! LOL


Ami said...

Well hell! Accidents suck.
I'm glad you're okay, too. Also that she's the one who hit YOU, because otherwise, you'd have to live in fear of a lawsuit, sounds like.
So, how were the egg rolls?

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

The eggrolls were still nice and hot and oh so delicious! LOL
I've been in a few accidents...5 total with only 2 being my fault. None were ever major. No bodily injuries. I take that back. I was rear ended the very first day I was allowed to drive after having Korinne by c-section. I didn't know it at the time, but the seat belt hitting my tummy is probably why it took so long for me to heal.
Thank you. I'm glad I was okay too. LOL