Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm waiting...

I'm waiting for Justin to crack. Since he's been grounded, he's been confined to his room (see previous post on why). I can tell he's starting to be bored with the contents of his room. The conditions are when he cleans the room, he can go outside to play. He and Jay share a room. Normally it's Jay's "job" to clean their room since Justin cleans the living room every day. Jay only has to clean their bedroom once a week. However, this time, Jay hasn't even been playing in their room. Justin has since he's been confined. So this time, I feel it's Justin's responsibility to clean their room. I foresee in the next few days, Justin will crack, clean their room and want to go outside. However, he will NOT be allowed to go to Kobe's house, or anyone else's house. He will ONLY be allowed to go to the playground...Which is literally in my "backyard." I can send my kids to the playground and watch them from my living room window. Being a mom is so much fun, sometimes. LOL


Ami said...

I think one of the hardest parts of being a mom is to stick to whatever standards you've laid out for your child(ren). To look into a crying face and say calmly and firmly, "You have to do what you were asked to do before you can go play/invite a friend over/use the computer...(insert your own here).
Every parenting book I've ever heard of says that consistency is key, and my brain says the same. But it's sure hard on my heart!
Hang in there. :)

Heather said...

Aidan was such a turd one day while Ivy was visiting. All of the other kids got treats, but he certainly didn't deserve one. It was hard, but we survived.

ACK mommy guilt

Brigid said...

Isnt fun being a parent;) I can picture that devilish look on your face whenever he comes out of the room for some small reason - I know they do it! The response is always - get back in there - you know the rules... you eventually clean it you can come out - so now it is a battle of stubborness! HAHAHAHA God knows you can out stubborn just about anyone! ~~T~~

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

Ami-It is hard. But it's so much easier than giving in and spoiling them. I'm big on consistency and schedules. My heart aches when one is being punished. Like tonight, I took Jay and Korinne to the pool and left Justin behind with Daddy. He's still grounded.

Heather-Yay on not giving in when all the other kids got a treat. I bet he learned from that. ALL those kids getting something and not him.

Brigid-LOL You've known me too long. Justin, is by far my most stubborn child. If anyone are like me in that way, it's him. So yeah, right now it's a battle of the wills. I will say, that Jimmy told him tonight that if he did clean the room tomorrow, he was taking all of Justin's toys and giving them away and he'd pay Jay extra to pick up his toys. So tomorrow, he'll either clean his room or lose every single toy he owns. His choice.