Monday, July 10, 2006

New Blogger

I actually convinced Jimmy to start a blog. Granted, I had to set it all up for him. ANd he admitted that he would actually write down what he wants to say, then have me type it out since he really sucks at typing. LOL I added him to my link...Jimmy. Not that it will do any good to check it out yet, since he's yet to post a blog. LOL BTW, I'm still sick. Head cold, I think. But Jimmy came home tonight from work, heated up the grill and cooked dinner...all of it...for me! While I laid on the couch reading or whatever. LOL How spoiled am I? We bought this grill on 4th of July and haven't cooked inside once...with the exception of the mac and cheese I made for Heather's get together last week.

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