Friday, July 28, 2006


And....Jay's off! The Homework Club is taking the kids ages 10 and up paintballing today. Thankfully, I wasn't asked to chaperone 'cause I did not want to get shot at with paint. LOL I've heard it hurts. Though I'd love to be there to see Jay getting nailed with paint. I've warned him it will hurt. I can't wait til he comes home and tells me about it. He's so excited!


Jay had a great time! He said it stung a little bit but wasn't too bad. He has welts from where he was hit. There wasn't any paint on his clothes, so I'm not understanding what happened there. He said they just kinda hit him then rolled off. Who knows? The important thing is, he had a lot of fun! I'm so glad for that. He hasn't stopped talking about it all night. LOL


LittleJW said...

He's excited, sure. Then he'll get hit with his first ball of paint LOL. I hope he has lots of fun and he shoots at least one person.

Mike said...

When I was a kid my friends and I played Capture the Flag. It sounds like paintballing is the grown-up version of that but with weapons. LOL.

Sunnie (Kaytee) said...

LOL I played Capture the Flag. From what I know about paintballing, they run around with guns filled with paint pellets that are supposed to splatter you with paint. That's why I was so confused because there was no paint on his clothes. LOL