Thursday, January 13, 2011


I have a couple of picky eaters. But they're not picky over the same things. Justin is my pickiest eater. The ONLY fruits Justin will eat are naval oranges and grapefruits. (Not so weird cause I like grapefruit also.) He will not any vegetables at all. He won't eat any pastas, no potatoes. Well he loves the sweet potatoes my mother-in-law makes on the Holidays. He will eat bacon, sausage, hamburgers, hot dogs, bologna, ham, and some types of chicken. The chicken has to be made certain ways. He won't eat white meat. It's rare I can get him to "like" something I've cooked enough to ask for more. The other day, I made french's onion baked chicken (thighs and legs.) I just knew he wouldn't want to eat it. Hello....onions! But he had a leg. And asked for more! He said, "Ok the next time you make legs, you have to do it like this!" Will do, my picky eater, will do.

Another meal I've made that he begs for now is pancakes...with my not so secret ingredient...bananas. LOL I was making pancakes one morning a few months ago. I had one lonely banana on it's last peel and had the idea to smash it up and mix it in the pancake mix. I also add vanilla extract and cinnamon to my mix. Well I hid that I added banana to the mix. Jackson knew and his 5 year old loud mouth had to tell everyone. I denied it and said we didn't have any bananas. LOL Justin inhaled his pancakes and asked for more. He said, "The next time you make pancakes, make them just like this!" I admitted there was banana in them and he said he didn't care! YAY! It took me forever to get him to eat french toast because of the egg. But once he saw me cook them and learned the egg is just a moisture and not an actual fried egg, he devours those too.

I tend to get excited when I can get my pickiest eater to beg for more or to make it again. LOL

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